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Mary B. Flynn

Meet Mary B. Flynn

Mary B. Flynn created Your Dedicated Doula based on her own personal experience as a mother of four. For the past 16 years, Mary has worked with hundreds of bay area families and combined her vast experience with compassion and empathy for the clients she has served. In addition to being an experienced professional doula, Mary is a Certified Doula Trainer.

Mary is a renowned doula in the Baby Area and has worked with hundreds of families along with being a leader in evidence-based doula training. Additionally, Mary is a Sleep Specialist, Lactation Educator, Certified EMT, CPR Certified Trainer and Certified CPS expert (Child Passenger Safety).

As a doula herself, Mary understands the unique connection and special bond between parents and their Doulas. As a result, she strives for this level of knowledge and sensitivity in the doulas she screens as candidates for Your Dedicated Doula.


“Choosing a doula is a huge decision for your family as they are in your home with your newborn every night. I contacted YDD and went through the application process and discovered it was the most seamless process with the least amount of stress. Mary and her team at Your Dedicated Doula are out of this world!”

- Elizabeth J.

“YDD is the ultimate first class service that is available when it comes to having a child. I heard of how much of a nightmare it was to do the research, interview, and choose your own doula. I had a high risk pregnancy and did not want/need the added stress. YDD was the best thing that happened during my pregnancy and the doula I received from them is now like family. Thank you YDD!”

- Madeline G.

"I am so impressed with YDD. I struggled for 6 months trying to locate the “perfect” doula for our first born. When it came time for our second child I had heard of YDD from a friend. We ultimately picked a doula that the experts at YDD thought would be “perfect” for us and she was the absolute perfect fit for our family. All the hard work, research, and background checks were done for us and there was zero stress on me."

- Christina T.

"From the moment she stepped in the door, she exuded a calm and confident demeanor that immediately put me at ease. She is a wealth of knowledge with all things baby, but also with postpartum care, lactation issues and a level of emotional support that isn't from baby experience, but rather a result of her being pretty much one of the best people I know."

- D. Friedman

"…she delivered results! My daughter is a content, well rested, excellent sleeper thanks…"

- S. Nolan

"Even as a second time mom, Mary's knowledge and insight was invaluable... Mary’s vast experience, skilled capabilities and supportive presence in a challenging time of transition for our family were truly incredible."

- Natasha D.

"She was a wonderfully calming presence in our home. She made us laugh, made us feel secure and comfortable with all the new experiences we were witnessing."

- Karen & Robert

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